Tumblr Tip #3

Found an awesome image on the web but you can’t post it because you don’t know the original creator? This add-on for chrome might just help you out. I’ve used it many times to find the artist who made the content I’m posting and even though it doesn’t work 100% of the times, I can almost always find what I’m looking for within a few minutes. 

To use it you just right-click the image and select search google with this image. Most of the times a description will already be available but if you know anything that can help you with your search or if you think the present description is wrong you can change it. You can also use it to search for higher resolutions of a image, the location of where a photograph was taken or for instance to find the name of the model in the photo. 

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Tumblr Tip #2

thekhooll replied to your link: If you have any questions or doubts, I am at your service.

Is there a script to post 3 pictures vertically or horizontally…I received one tip but doesn’t not seem like working…Detail info please :)

I will take this opportunity to make my second tumblr tip. The first one is about replies if anyone is interested.

There is a way to manipulate photosets layouts, it is a userscript found here. If you are using Firefox you need to install greesemonkey first. If you are using Chrome you have to download the script onto your computer, open the extensions page and drag the script onto the page. This is because Chrome recently changed it’s settings to allow only userscripts from the Chrome store to be installed, but this way you can cheat that. If you are using Internet Explorer, open the Google Chrome download page, press install and never use IE again. 

Using this add-on can be a little confusing at first but once you get it it’s actually quite simple. 

Basically you have to think the photoset as a series of horizontal lines and each one can have from 1 to 3 photos. So if I want a photoset with 1 photo in the first line, then 2, then 1 again then 3, I just type 1213 and press use custom. It’s really that simple. You have to make some quick head calculations, however. The script only works if the sum of the numbers you entered gives the exact number you uploaded (1+2+1+3 = 7). 

EDITveritae said: There’s another way to do it with the updated Chrome, there’s a Greasemonkey-ish extension on Chrome called Tampermonkey. The script can be installed there and works fine

Tumblr Tip #1

I’m going to start a tumblr tips explaining things that make my life easier on tumblr. I’m going to start with something I just recently started doing. I started early this week and now I can’t imagine tumblr without it.

This is more for bloggers with a wider amount of followers that love to read every reply they get but find the notifications a bit annoying, especially if a certain post takes off and foods your dash. 

Tumblr has a option in settings to email replies to you.

I found this very cool but if you are like me and like to reply as soon as you get them, it wasn’t very handy. However there is a add-on for Chrome (I’m not sure if something similar exists for Firefox but it’s definitely worth checking out) for Gmail users (you can change your tumblrs account email if you want). The moment you receive an email you get a notification and you don’t even have to open a new window. There is also an option to get notified even if you don’t have your browser open. Also if you are watching a movie, for instance, a voice will read your email for you. 

Hopefully I wasn’t too confusing trying to explain this but if you didn’t understand something or have any questions you can always message me. If you do try this out, which I hope you do, let me know what you think :)