Ever dreamt of owning a flying car when you were a kid? Well now, finally, you can make that dream a reality with the Taylor AEROCAR - available to purchase for $1.25 million (approx. £810,000). Only five of these strange machines were ever made, sponsored by the Wright Brothers back in 1954, but it really is a relic of a bygone era in engineering. By melding a two-seater with front wheel drive, a Lycoming O-320 4-cylinder engine and a wingspan of 30 feet, they managed to make a vehicle which can take off when it reaches 55mph on the ground and can cruise at 100mph. If you do want to reach 55mph without taking off, however, the wings can be folded out the way with relative ease.

Located just outside the small town of Tilting on the eastern end of Fogo Island, Squish Studio sits atop a rocky strip of coastline that could rival Italy’s western coast. The ground beneath the studio is so rocky and uneven that the southern end of the building is raised up by 20 feet to maintain a level floor surface inside.

Designed by Saunders Architecture, Squish Studio provides all its own heating and power. It is equipped with a compost toilet, a small kitchenette, and a wood-burning stove. Power is supplied by stand-alone solar panels, mounted on an adjacent hilltop. At night, the studio, illuminated by the soft glow of its solar-powered lighting, appears as a lantern or a lighthouse placed strategically on a rocky cliff, overlooking the North Atlantic.