"Brandversations" is an interesting project by Romania-based graphic designer Stefan Asafti. He switched the logos and slogans of the brands amongst themselves, ironically representing their rivalry.

"It is surprising how logos can influence other logos. The truth is that each pair of rivals has something in common, that something which has helped them to build one identity upon the other, this way becoming the biggest brands." - Stefan Asafti

Stupid Logos by Mariano Perez Baldasare

We are all part of some organization, institution, association, etc. There’s always something that groups us. But these groups are not always constituted or created. Maybe because we feel ashamed or because we are too lazy to officially establish the group.

Stupid Logos is a project where we try to find all of those groups. The most absurd one, to make it even more fun.

Color Wheels of Popular Music and Songs by Dorothy

The Colour of Popular Music includes the names of 154 bands (and artists), from the obvious Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Smashing Pumpkins to the more obscure Silver Apples, Black Flag and the Green Telescope.

The Colour of Song features the titles of a whopping 576 songs including classics like Billie Jean, Brown Sugar, Purple Rain, Fools Gold and Blue Monday to guilty pleasures like Mr. Blue Sky, Goldfinger and Pretty in Pink.

The original “March of Progress” image is one of the best known scientific illustrations in the world and Maentis.com is remixing it, 2012-style, 99 times over. The 99 Steps of Progress, coming out of the Paris based artist collective Maentis, is a release of 99 re-imagined versions over the course of the next 99 days.

The designs make a statement on our journey as a society from neanderthal (in the original image) to our present forms (whatever they may be). The designs poke fun at the jarring shifts in lifestyle we are seeing today as the landscape of pop culture continually evolves. Although not always a positive step forward, (wittingly implied in the name, 99 Steps of “Progress”) the designs make a case for reflection on our own progress as we go through life. The stylized silhouette images provide a treat for the eyes as well!

(via The March of Progress Re-imagined)

iFamily Stickers creates Apple and Mac stickers so you can show off your geekitude to the lucky ones riding in your wake. These are like the super tech version of those silly Mom, Dad, kid, dog, cat stickers you see on lots of minivans across America. They’ve just added the iPhone 5 sticker to the lineup of iMacs, shuffle, iPods, and Macbooks,  to make it a complete iFamily.