Neverclear by Toni Hall

Neverclear is a classier, less clear version of Everclear. Neverclear is a grain alcohol which has a very strong alcohol content. I made this package to reflect the effects of alcohol after having a few glasses while still staying classy with clean typography. The bottle is a diamond shape, and when you turn the bottle back and forth the optical illusion changes as you see it through the glass. These optical illusions will only become more interesting as the party goes on.

Indie band the Shout Out Louds have released their latest single in a very limited edition 7-inch record that plays on ice. ‘Blue Ice’ is the first piece of music the group has released for the past three years and is the first single off the band’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled, full-length album. The unique frosty vinyl was created in collaboration with ad agency TBWA Stockholm, and through experimentation, was created using distilled water to avoid bubbles in the tracks. The records can be spun on a regular turntable and rapidly diminish in quality once the melting process begins, so a specialized silicone cast allowed for quick removal out of the freezer and instant tunes and be heard.

Watch the embed video below

The song is quite nice too.