Submission Box

Are you a landscape photographer or a designer? If so your work could be featured in the landscape or design radars here at tumblr! Link me to your post below and if I like it, I’ll promote it to the tumblr community.

Guidelines (IMPORTANT!):

- It must be linked to a specific post not just to your blog’s main page or flickr/pinterest/society6/etc.

- The work must be made/belong to you.

- It must be posted on a blog run by yourself (Submissions linking to posts by other people are not accepted.)

- Asking to feature a post by a friend is not accepted. If they want their work featured they should submit it themselves.

- This submission box is open to all regardless if they are following me or not.

- Photos must be of good quality and have at least 500px.

- The work should be properly tagged and credited to your blog/website.

- Apart from landscape or design, the “artists on tumblr” tag is recommended.

- A small description in the caption is a plus.

- NSFW projects are not accepted.

- Remember to check for spelling mistakes.

Good luck! :D