Gimme cool films to watch please please please

  1. kugatsuogata answered: Bonjour Tristesse,I recommend,sligtly old
  2. chibisunflower answered: The Lightning Thief? My Neighboor Totoro? I dunno… :P
  3. emeralsha answered: The Fall is great. A bit dark, but no CGI and it is absolutely gorgeous.
  4. whilstyoureasleep answered: Secret Window
  5. holoceneformiles answered: Half Nelson
  6. lofreakuency said: Rabbit-Proof Fence…Aussie film with great music by Peter Gabriel, very profound
  7. liekdisifucrieevertim answered: Nighmare before christmas :)
  8. bab8ter answered: Moon
  9. fyiimsuperawesome answered: The Artist, Kung Fu Hustle, the BBC mini-seires Sherlock (it’s on netflix) , Scott Pilgrim vs the world. just great movies i’ve seen lately.
  10. divinewords answered: Moonrise Kingdom.
  11. zestroked said: monster … My sis said its intense
  12. loganholy answered: Walk the line
  13. katiemazz said: A Town Called Panic. solid stop motion film. it’s hilarious.
  14. seeing-sights answered: princess mononoke
  15. melting-shadows answered: extremely loud and incredibly close, my sister’s keeper, and if you like action the bourne series are great(: oh and good will hunting
  16. alwayswithgratitude answered: Nobody Knows
  17. velvettie answered: easy a
  18. rikuou answered: "Gattaca" I recommend
  19. adsorption said: The room.
  20. ialsobakecookies answered: A Beautiful Mind, Dead Poets Society, Ferris Bueller, Requiem for a Dream, Seven Pounds, The Talented Mr Ripley, 50 50, The Prestige.
  21. impossibly-uncute answered: Wristcutters a love story
  22. mabelsroses answered: Pan’s Labyrinth
  23. bionsse answered: incendies
  24. keepdonnertrue answered: snatch
  25. la-petit-mort150895 answered: hannibal
  26. sewno answered:…
  27. f8cr said: "ENTER THE VOID" And it’s on Netflix still, I think. Very cerebral, trippy movie if you’re in that mood.
  28. recommendedblog answered: Catch Me If You Can :D
  29. dagoh answered:…
  30. starsandjade answered: moon, the cruise, cleo 5-7 ( it’s french), harold and maude, nosferatu, Island of lost Souls
  31. ironia answered: Memento, Mr.Nobody, Atonement, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 500 Days Of Summer, An Education,
  32. tiramisukapgel said: You should see inception :)
  33. crystalvoyagers answered: road to perdition
  34. esteldin answered: melancholia, we need to talk about kevin, this must be the place, the lady, the descendant, a dangerous method
  35. herecomesthetwister answered: Blade Runner
  36. emotionlessrobotbatmancat answered: leon: the professional
  37. kentballs answered: Fish Story, Headhunters, I Saw the Devil
  38. reveureuse answered: romantic, go moulin rouge. druggie, watch trainspotting. totally fucking awesome, watch fight club. inglorious basterds is also really good
  39. juanpaparedes answered: "blade runner", "der golem", "destino" (dalì)
  40. classykat answered: The Rum Diary
  41. brokenstride said: In the Mood for Love directed by Kar Wai Wong (or Wong Kar Wai)
  42. loser078 answered: Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, Waking Life, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Brick, Mysterious Skin, Amelie
  43. safe-at-warp answered: THX 1138
  44. dream-mate answered: The Machinist, Trainspotting
  45. travelingcolors said: this link: travelingcolors.tumblr….
  46. the-epitaph answered: 'The Holy Mountain' (1973) Alejandro Jodorowsky. Mexican art-house cult cinema. What could go wrong?
  47. nosajholt answered: Moonrise Kingdom
  48. jamiebrouzioutis answered: check moon,donnie darko,Pi
  49. tomhardymywarrior answered: Inception, Warrior, The Waterboy