Oversleeping gives me such bad headaches ugh. Specially if I’m with someone because then I wake up every 30 minutes and fall back to sleep and it’s even worse. Like migraines that last all day. Also I end up having so many nightmares. Every time I wake up and fall back to sleep I have a different nightmare. It’s wearing me out.

There’s some real Catherine shit at work here.

I just saw an idiot “patriotic” American woman on a documentary saying that the reason why the decriminalization of drugs in place in Portugal or in a smaller scale in the Netherlands wouldn’t work because Americans are “sophisticated” and “glamorous”, unlike the Europeans, and would continue to use drugs even after the illegal spark was gone.

What?! I mean… What?!

You guys realize that it’s because of “patriots” like her that there is a sort of world wide despise for America right?

I don’t usually get upset about stuff like this, I don’t even care that much about the subject to begin with but that woman was so rude. I’ll just go back to my cave with the other neanderthals now.



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